The Fall
Machine Learning generated moving image, Unity, non-stop playing, 2021

“Is outside of the chamber, a failure, escape, death, or rebellion?”

The 3D-game-object-rats were trained for 23 seconds to perform a specific task in a specific area by machine learning algorithm. As a result, most rats failed (did not perform) the task and fell out (escaped) from the 66 chambers. After a certain period of time, the rats were summoned back to the original area and the process was repeated for as long as the program ran. The black lines in the graphic were generated by the movement of the algorithm’s agent (rat) which indicates their behavioral pattens, and the omnipotent-perspective rotates around them.

The Fall, installation view, 2021 / Photo: Byeonggon Shin

︎Critical Essay

“ Did the Falling Line Kill the Circle? ”

︎︎︎Yi Jinkyung (EN), Translation: Minji Chun