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    Anthropology of Dead Body
KI Camp_Gesellschaft für Informatik 
Virtual Exhibition | Berlin, Germany | 23.04 - 23.05. 2021
︎︎︎Artist Talk: 18. 05. 2021

Video Art Miden_Alphabet Art Center
Online Screening | 01. 04 - 31. 05. 2021

Animorphosis_Vilém Flusser Archive, Universität der Künste Berlin
Seminar/Workshop | Berlin, Germany | 05 - 06. 2021

아해 A-HAE / A Child of Child
Germany, South Korea 2018 | 13 Min

A Child of Child is a short film with speculative scenarios that investigates the mental and physical pain of a female body which is inevitably responsible for the reproduction of life. Inspired by the South Korean poem 'Craw' s eye view Poem number 1 '(Yi - Sang, 1934), the film depicts the endless attempts of creation, while facing the 'most natural artifact'.

A Child (아해,A-hae) has a mysterious routine of writing and carving sentences on artificial skin. When she realizes that she is what she is creating, pain and pleasure become reality.

Longer description/
A Child creates Children. They are fragments, artifacts, and offsprings of one’s own madness. It has been cleverly hidden, though the pain and pleasure from the madness, the sense of absurd are nested somewhere in the mind. Should it be called ‘All too human’, the perversion of trying to confront the feelings through pain, elaborately cloaked in the reproductions, because one is too afraid to face them?

Knowing that it is a dead-end alley, we are the children who are constantly rushing down to the road, we are the children who are frightened, and again, we are the eyes that observe these children sitting in silence.

Direct / Hana Yoo
Cast / Zihern Lee
Music / Anomali
Sound / Christian Obermaier
Translation / Walter K. Lew

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