It's all because of divided damn country
single channel video, HD, color, stereo, 6:47min., 2017

It’s a one-girl-show.
She sees everything in the world as divided, and believes that she is living in a huge game world, being manipulated. The more questions she makes, the more confused she gets.

Today, the virtuality of digital media not only penetrates deeply into human life, but also changes the way of thinking, values, and spirit. Images, videos, and texts on the Internet, which are inevitable and unavoidable at the moment of awakening, instantly affect the personality and spirit of those individuals, and yet it does not take a long time to be manipulated and expressed out to the world again. Is the ideology of individual in the digital space real or virtual, or imitating the virtual ideals of others? Just as many of the events that humans face are forming his values, today's video clips from YouTube, texts retrieved from Google, and Computer games played last night are more intense and easier to form virtual values.

The modern history of South Korea, which has been developed since the division, is extraordinary. The woman in the ‘live stream-show’ represents the anxiety of a generation that has lost into a digital space, before to have a chance of finding oneself, in the face of ideological oppression and national hatred. Although, whatever she screams, simply turns into funny Meme.

Video installation | Berlin, Germany | 11.24 - 26. 2017